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Who is KINGX Business Growth?

A South African based, Transformational Management consulting firm, established in the heart of the African financial capital market, Johannesburg.

Founded by young, African, dynamic entrepreneurs, highly educated in top prestigious universities; commencing their professional career as business trading assistants in Johannesburg around 1991, just after the liberation of the icon,  Nelson Mandela.

With a  long professional career and experience of more than two decades, holding top positions in various companies; always desirous to harmonize the African economic growth; they decided to take on the challenge and left the comfort of their own accomplishments.


KINGX Business Growth was established to share the accumulated experiences as well as continue growing the founders' potential by learning from other markets.

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About Us


Sustainable Strategies

Implementing crafted business strategies resulting from in-depth analysis and careful planning at all company levels;

Business Protection

Business wisdom impacted on executives for the enterprise's protection;

Holistic Management

The enterprise is treated as a cohesive whole to function in equilibrium.


To be the preferred global transformational business management consulting firm.



  • Revolutionize management executives with boldness through key business wisdom transfer;

  •  Implement state-of-the-art crafted business strategies;

  •  Execute on-demand ad-hoc strategic tasks;

All to sharpen enterprises with agility to win over respective market challenges.

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